Immerse Yourself in Israel

  • Volunteering

    Make a positive impact for Israel and its people

  • Study

    Gain important leadership skills while learning about Judaism and Israeli society

  • Immersion

    Connect with your Israeli peers in fully-Israeli programs

  • FAQ

    Find out everything you need to know to have the ultimate immersion experience

Find the Right Track for You!

Yachad Gap-Year gives you the chance to be a part of Israeli “Mechina” programs, with Israelis your own age!  And there’s a Mechina for everyone – religious and secular, urban and rural, semester or full-year, in every part of Israel.

Learn Important Skills for the Next Steps

For more than 25 years, Mechina programs have developed a strong reputation for building the next generation of leaders for Israeli society.  Now you too can gain valuable leadership skills from these prestigious programs, preparing you for college, career or whatever may lie ahead.

 The Ultimate Immersion Experience

Yachad is the ultimate immersion experience in Israel, because the Mechina programs are Israeli programs.  You’ll be living, studying, volunteering and exploring Israel with Israelis your own age.  Do it all in an English track, or go all-in with a Hebrew program.